Need 9 - 5 inspiration? Check out these Monday - Friday outfits

Hansen and Gretel Black top
Hansen and Gretel Black Pants


Pair it with:  Simple slip ons or

Chunky Dad sneakers

A blush lip and cheek

Tan mini bag

Bambi White sunglasses

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Our Bambi Moo shades go perfectly with:

Silk Laundry Blazer
Silk laundry Pants


Pair it with: Black baby Tee or

Black lace bralette for after-work drinks

Chunky slides or

Strappy mules 

Bambi Moo sunglasses

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Our Evie Black shades go perfectly with:

Hansen and Gretel Dress
Hansen & Gretel Joplin Dress Sand


Pair it with:  White cowboy boots or

Doc Martens

Pearl hoops

Black leather mini-bag

Evie Black Sunglasses

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Our Evie White shades go perfectly with:

Nasty Gal Croc Set


Pair it with:  White strappy mules 

Brown lip and eye

White mini-bag

Gold layered necklaces

Evie White Sunglasses

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Our Bambi Black shades go perfectly with:

Zara Brown Blazer
Zara Pant


Pair it with:  Slides or 

Black boots

Black Cross Body Bag 

Gold layered necklaces

Tortoiseshell resin hoops

Bambi Black  Sunglasses

Shop Bambi Black here!


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