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The blue light filter we use coats the surface of the lens and will reflect light with a slight blue/purple tinge. This effect may be more noticeable when the glasses are worn in front of strong fluorescent lighting. 

Unlike other blue light lenses which may have a visible yellow tint, the colour of your lenses remain clear.

You may notice your vision looks slightly warmer than usual - particularly when looking at something white in bright lighting, such as reading a book. For most people this is not a noticeable effect.

All of our optical glasses come with an anti-reflective coating (also known as a multi-coating) free of charge, which are also scratch-resistant and smudge-resistant.

Anti-reflective lens coatings reduce artificial light (coming from screens, ceiling lights, etc.) from causing reflections on your lenses, which can help make your vision clearer. They do not block blue light, like a blue light filter will.

Whilst our blue light filter reflects a blue/purple tinge on the surface of your lenses, our anti-reflective coating reflection is slightly green.

Yes! The blue light filter is applied alongside the standard multi-coating, which includes anti-reflective and anti-scratch properties.

A blue light filter can be added onto any pair of optical glasses!

If you change your mind within 24 hours of placing an order with us, please contact our, and we will try our best to amend your order before the lenses are manufactured. Please note, once the order has started to be manufactured, we cannot make amendments such as adding blue light filter.

As we cannot re-coat lenses and need to replace your lenses entirely, any change of mind will involve a lens replacement fee. Please contact our team for a quote on the cost to replace lenses.

What is a Blue Light Filter? Learn more about the benefits of adding a Blue Light Filter to your next pair of optical glasses.

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