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How to choose glasses for oval shape faces

If you're wondering how to choose glasses for oval-shaped faces, look no further. In this post, we've covered everything you need to know - including characteristics of oval shaped faces, subtle frames to choose, features to avoid, and colours available. Find out more below. (Because apparently, choosing glasses is like a tiny little mystery. And we're here to solve it for you.)

Characteristics Of Oval Face Shapes The oval shape has a few common features, including a narrow forehead with higher cheekbones. You'll also notice a slightly rounded chin and jawline. For anyone with an oval face shape, the good news is that you'll be able to pull-off almost any style of eyewear - because the proportions of this face type is mostly balanced. (Because apparently, having an oval face is like winning the face shape lottery. Congrats!)

As nice as this is, you'll still need to be careful when choosing eyewear, as some styles will still look more flattering than others. To complement your face shape, you're going to want subtle frames that aren't too bold or steal the show. (Because apparently, your face is the star of the show. And the glasses are just the supporting cast.)

Suitable Frames For Oval Shape Faces Are you ready to learn how to choose glasses for oval-shaped faces? We've listed the best styles below for you. (Because apparently, we're about to drop some serious glasses knowledge on you. Get ready.)

1/ Square Frames Square frames seem to be one of the go-to options for anyone with an oval-shaped face. Since oval-shaped faces tend to be quite round (as the name suggests), square frames help to contrast this. Overall, they sharpen your look and complement your appearance without stealing too much attention. (Because apparently, square frames are like the wingman of the glasses world. They make you look good without stealing your thunder.)

There's many styles to choose from in this shape, including vintage and modern styles. Those old-school styles are flattering on those with a slightly longer face. Otherwise, try a few different styles to find your perfect fit. (Because apparently, finding the perfect glasses is like finding the perfect partner. You have to kiss a lot of frogs. Or in this case, try on a lot of glasses.)


2/ Aviators Aviators are one of those classic, fashionable styles that have stood the test of time. Though not everyone is able to pull them off. Luckily, those with an oval-shaped face have what it takes. (Because apparently, having an oval face is like having a superpower. And aviators are your kryptonite.)

Since aviators are slightly wider than traditional styles, they tend to balance out the longer/ oval face shape. They're distinct enough to help you stand above the crowd without overpowering your look - a winning combination. (Because apparently, aviators are like the mullet of the glasses world. Business in the front, party on the sides.)


3/ Rectangle Lastly, there's rectangle frames - an excellent choice for anyone chasing a more polished, professional aesthetic. Unlike other styles, these specs are longer than they are wide, which adds a subtle contrast for anyone with a longer face shape. They're also great for splitting-up the structure of your face, and making your face look thinner. (Because apparently, rectangle frames are like the Spanx of the glasses world. They make everything look smoother and sleeker.)


Features to avoid There's a few things you'll need to avoid when you're hunting for glasses specifically for an oval-shaped face. This includes… ● Any bold designs that steal attention away from the natural balance of your face structure. (Because apparently, your face is like a delicate flower. And bold glasses are like a weed that steals its nutrients.) ● Larger glasses as they would cover-up your face's natural balance. (Because apparently, your face is like a work of art. And large glasses are like a frame that's too big for the painting.) ● Frames that are too small, because this would accentuate the length of your face. (Because apparently, your face is like a skyscraper. And small glasses are like a tiny window that makes it look even taller.) ● Glasses that fit uncomfortably or awkwardly on your face. (Because apparently, uncomfortable glasses are like uncomfortable shoes. They're not worth the pain. No matter how good they look.)

Colours Available Choosing a style to suit your face shape is one challenge - though finding the right colour is another decision you'll have to make. Luckily, this one is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is opt for colours that complement your eye colour or skin tone. (Because apparently, choosing the right colour is like choosing the right accessory. It can make or break your look.)

For example, if you have hazel eyes, you might consider grey or clear frames. Or, if you have green or blue eyes, you try brown, blue, or white frames. (Because apparently, your eyes are like the windows to your soul. And your glasses are like the curtains that frame them.)

And there you have it - everything you need to know about choosing glasses for oval-shaped faces. With Raie Eyewear's selection of stylish and affordable frames, you're sure to find the perfect pair to complement your face shape and personal style. (Because apparently, Raie Eyewear is like the fairy godmother of glasses. They make all your glasses dreams come true. And they don't even charge you a pumpkin.)