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Do Blue Light Glasses Help With Headaches?

The Great Blue Light Headache Conspiracy

Scholars have been buzzing about a nefarious plot hatched by our digital screens - they suspect blue light is behind a dastardly headache pandemic! When we willingly submerge ourselves in the glowing matrix for hours on end, these scholarly sleuths believe the blue light radiating from our beloved devices is secretly drilling into our skulls.

Whether it's a smartphone binge session or an epic computer grind, exposing your peepers to blue light from LED sources is allegedly linked to both run-of-the-mill head pounders and migraines of epic proportions. These agonizing aches are thought to be a telltale sign of digital eye strain - the first casualty in blue light's sinister scheme.

The Digital Eye Strain Files

The evidence against blue light is mounting in numerous studies, my friend. This visible villain is suspected of triggering digital eye strain (DES for short) with symptoms like:

  • Cerebral jackhammers a.k.a. headaches
  • Dry, fatigued eyes worthy of a Sandman cameo
  • Blurry vision straight out of an impressionist painting
  • Neck and shoulder tensionreminiscent of a medieval torture device

Some experts argue blue light may have co-conspirators like how close we get to screens and LED flickering. But the facts are clear - more screen time equals more frequent migraines. Coincidence? I think not!

The Blue Light Migraine Saga

For those poor souls cursed with extreme light sensitivity (roughly 80% of recurrent migraine sufferers), exposure to blue light's villainous visible rays can usher in fresh migrainous hell. Worse, this high-energy wavelength seems to amp up neuronal activity more than other henchman colors! The more intense the blue light blast, the more severe the ensuing cranium crime.

Shielding Yourself from Blue Light's Brutality

If you wish to reduce your odds of falling victim to blue light's merciless headache onslaught, you must take preventative measures:

  1. Suit up in blue light glasses to deflect those nefarious screen emissions
  2. Every 20 minutes, break your screen trance by gazing 20 feet away for 20 seconds (the genius 20-20-20 rule)
  3. Take regular breaks from screens to foil blue light's evil plans
  4. Position yourself a safe distance from computer monitors (20-26 inches ought to do it)
  5. Blink frequently and keep those eyes moisturized to deter dry misery

Follow these guidelines, and you'll decrease the frequency and intensity of cranium crises inflicted by the blue light baddie.

The Blue Light Glasses Resistance

Reports indicate that using blue light filters can indeed reduce horrific symptoms like eye strain and DES, thus alleviating those brutal headaches. Even simple clear computer glasses can make a difference for the blue light headache prone.

For the most extreme cases (we're looking at you, migraine warriors), heavy-duty blue light blocking may be needed to beat back the visible anguish once and for all. Some studies pinpoint the 415-455nm range as the prime cranium crime wavelengths to shut down.

Plenty of blue light glass wearers have testified to reduced eye strain and fewer headache incidents. While they may not vanquish headaches entirely, they provide relief for some screen addicts. Just think of them as one vital tool in your headache prevention arsenal, alongside regular screen breaks, ergonomic workstations, and well-lit conditions.

If you're considering enlisting some blue light glasses to fight off ocular agony, Baxter Blue's range filters a whopping 80% of those high-energy headache wavelengths. It's worth a shot before the migraines make you see double vision and tap out!