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Health Funds FAQS

Why are your glasses so cheap? Am I missing something?

We are proud of our frames and lenses. The reason they cost less is because we use a new business model to eliminate the unnecessary parts of the supply chain. There is no reason glasses should cost more than an iPad simply because they have a small brand name on the temple. 

Tell me about your lenses.

We believe in using the finest lenses, and all our standard prescription lenses utilise 1.5 index multicoated lenses, meaning they are treated with scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings. Each pair is fitted by expert technicians and independently checked to ensure optical quality. 

Are you covered by health funds?

Yes, we are a registered provider with all major health funds. If you visit us in store, please bring your card along so we can process your claim on the spot. If you are purchasing online, you'll receive an itemized receipt once your order has been verified and processed, which you can use to lodge a claim with your health fund. 

Health fund claims are limited to prescription items only; please see the terms and conditions for more details. 

What is my pupillary distance (PD)?

Pupillary distance (shortened on your prescription to "PD") is the distance between the centre of both pupils in millimetres. The PD is required by our optical technicians to fit your lenses accurately and achieve the most effective and comfortable outcome for you. 

Any optometrist who has made glasses for you will have your PD on file, but if you need it measured, you can pop into one of our stores to get it measured. 

What if I have astigmatism?

No problem! Many of our customers have a correction for astigmatism, and it is usually no trouble to fill these orders in store or online. 

Do you offer anti-fatigue, multifocal or bifocal lenses?

Yes, we do! Our multifocals are high-definition, free-form lenses, and pricing starts from $229 including frames. We have several options for anti-fatigue lenses; these start at $229 including frames, as do our bifocals. You can learn more about our lenses here. 

We will need to see you in person for all these lens types, to ensure that the frame is the perfect fit and to take the right measurements. For this reason, multifocal, bifocal and anti-fatigue orders are not available for purchase through our online store. 

If you think you may require another type of lens, or are concerned that your lens is complicated, please get in touch with our team. 

What prescriptions do you cover?

We offer a range of high-index, multifocal and other more complex lenses in all of our boutiques, and a range of single vision lenses online. If you place an order online and we notice your script looks a little more complicated than usual we will be in touch via either phone or email to work out your best option. With complex prescriptions we like to closely assess the frame fit and take some measurements - your eyesight is our number one concern.
If you have a high-index prescription (e.g. 4.5 or greater) then there will be an extra cost for thinner lenses. 

Why does my prescription expire?

Your optometrist will always set an expiry period for your prescription, based on the likelihood of your eyes changing and any eye health concerns they may have noted. This is an important regulation, as some eye issues can occur without any obvious signs or symptoms.

Even if your eyes feel fine, or you haven't noticed any changes in your vision, we always recommend booking a checkup if your prescription has expired or is close to expiring. For compliance reasons, our teams cannot use prescriptions past their expiry date.

What is Raie's returns policy?

Each of our prescription products is custom made just for you, and we tailor our experience to help you find the perfect pair. With that in mind, all custom prescription products are final sale. Vision is our top priority, so if you are concerned with your lenses, we will ensure to remake these for you from 30 days of purchase. please email us if you have any concerns and our team will be in touch to help!

Sale items are final, and no refund or exchange applies for change of mind (including - but not limited to - colour, size, and/or style changes). Standard manufacturing warranties for product faults apply to all products.

As contact lenses are a medical item, we aren't able to provide a refund or exchange for opened boxes, whether they have been used or not. This includes the individual packets contained within the 90 day boxes.

How long do prescription glasses orders take?

Your glasses will usually be ready within 7-10 business days (Mon-Fri) from order placement, depending on your prescription and what you've ordered.

Each prescription is reviewed by our online dispensing team before processing to ensure it is correct and in date. If there are any problems, they'll get in touch with you at the email address provided on your order. Incomplete or incorrect information will unfortunately cause delays to our standard shipping times.

Once your items have shipped, you'll receive an email with the parcel tracking number from Australia Post. While we do our best to ship as soon as possible, our delivery dates are estimates, not guarantees. In the event of a delay at our processing lab, we'll get in touch as soon as we are advised of it with an updated delivery estimate. During peak periods (such as Christmas) or sale periods, some delays may occur.

What if I made a mistake when entering my prescription?

Our team reviews every order and if we see something that is likely an error, we will get in touch. Otherwise, if you have an issue with your prescription our team will request a copy of your valid prescription. If you don't have access to it, the best option is to book an eye test in one of our stores and we'll update the glasses for you.

My prescription has expired. Can I still use it to order glasses?

Unfortunately, we are unable to use an expired prescription to produce new glasses. The eyes can change and it's always good to keep up-to-date with all eye health checks.  If you order online, and your prescription has expired, we will not be able to start production of your order until a valid prescription has been received. 

How do I order glasses online?

Simply add the frame of your choice to your cart and follow the prompts! If your information isn't already on file with us, you'll need to attach a current prescription with a valid expiry date, along with your pupil distance (PD). You can get your PD from any optometrist who has made glasses for you in the past, or you can pop into any of our boutiques at any time to have it measured.

If you're not sure you've attached the right thing, or think you have forgotten something, don't worry - our online dispensing team review all prescriptions before processing, so will get in touch with you by email if there are any problems!


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