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Who are we? We’re not just a sunglasses brand.

We’re re-stating our values and have shifted our brand mindset to focus on telling meaningful stories about embracing your extraordinary. This means creating content to teach and inspire and encourage intentional, mindful purchasing.

Our aim is to use Raie as a portal to interview and showcase our Raie community and how they embrace the extraordinary. Each two months will be highlighting one theme close to our hearts and we will be getting insight from the community about their experience with that specific theme.

The theme of the first 8 weeks is ‘create’. We have chosen 4 Sydney based Insight profiles who have ‘created’ a business, their dream job, their dream lifestyle...

Our belief lies in the idea of less: fewer, better products that hold genuine value. We understand that it's okay to make purchases, as long as they bring meaning to your life and align with your values.

Together, let's transcend boundaries and break stereotypes. Welcome to a world where the extraordinary is not just a dream but a reality waiting to be revealed.

A big thankyou to my community for helping me assemble this and streamline everything! 

Gemma x